Busy Times

“Make time for yourself”, words I hear all the time. I’m a mother of four who works full time and in school part time. My husband works full time too so finding time for myself is difficult in this crazy busy world. Between going to work, driving the kids to various activities, cooking dinner, washing clothes, cleaning and studying. I’m lucky if I get some rest. Don’t get me wrong I fantasize about spa days. A day where it’s just me, cucumbers on my eyes, a towel wrapped around my head and body, while my feet soak in a foot tub full of hot steamy water and natural oils. Sounds like a perfect ‘me day’ but in reality, there is no perfect ‘me days’ right now. Honestly, I know how important selfcare is, which is why I always make time to drink a cup of tea. It takes me 10 seconds to fill the kettle with water, while the water is boiling, I can start a 15-minute task. The water doesn’t take 15 minutes, but you can stop your task for 3 seconds and pour that hot water in your cup and when my 15-minute task is complete, drink up. I’m working on fulfilling my fantasies of a perfect ‘me day’ soon but “baby steps” right. For busy moms and dads who have no time or very little time for yourself, stop take a break and drink a cup of tea. I drink tea that are enriched with vitamins and nutrients. My go to tea is SamunTea Wakey Wakey tea, it helps give me energy for a busy day and the ingredient are all natural and fresh.